Curriculum Vitae Dr. Gabriel L. Barletta

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1993-1995 MIT Chemistry Department Postdoctoral Fellow with professor A. M. Klibanov.
Ph. D. in Physical Organic Chemistry, Rutgers Universit
y. Supervisor. Prof. F. Jordan
Thesis title: Reaction of 2-Alkyl Thiazolium Salts at Their C2-Positions Relevant to Thiamin Enzymes; Electrochemistry and Acid-Base Properties.
1985-1987   B.S. in Chemistry, SUNY at Old Westbury
Bronx Community College

 Professional Experience

1995-present University of Puerto Rico - Humacao College. Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry.

1993-1995 Massachusetts Institute of Technology NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with professor A. M. Klibanov. Investigation of the effect of solvents on the substrate enantioselectivity and the reaction kinetics of an enzyme (Mucor miehei lipase) catalyzed transesterification reactions between chiral alcohols and activated esters.

1988-1993 Rutgers University Graduate assistant with professor F. Jordan, Department of Chemistry.

.The redox potentials of a series of 2-alkyl and 2-benzylthiazolium salts, structurally similar to the key enzyme-bound enamine intermediate in all thiamin diphosphate dependent enzymes, were determined using cyclic voltammetry in (Me)2SO. The number of electrons transferred during oxidation was determined.

The products of controlled-potential electrolysis reactions of 2-alkylthiazolium salts were isolated and identified as a dimer formed by a free-radical reaction. A mechanism for the reaction was proposed. These findings are relevant to the enzymatic decarboxylation of pyruvic acid, by pyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductase.

.The kinetic properties, the pKa=s and the kinetic isotope effects of 2-benzylthiazolium salts in water were determined by stopped-flow, and a mechanism for this reaction was proposed.

1985-1987 S.U.N.Y. at Old Westbury. Research assistant with professor R. Hoyte.
Improvements in the synthesis of a steroid derivative.

Grants Awarded

1997-2000 Academic Research Enhancement Award (grant # GM55896-01).
Grant Title: Improving the Use of Enzymes for Synthesis

1997-1999 Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (grant # GM08216-14S1).
Grant Title: Improving the Use of Enzymes for The Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds

1999-2003 Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (grant # GM08216-14S1).
Grant Title: Study of the Solvent Dependence of Enzyme Enantioselectivity.


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