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Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholars Program   



Our Scholars 2011-2012

Emmanuel Santa Martínez

I am studying biology and my passion is for ecology and wildlife management. My research mentor and I are assessing invasive plants in Jobos Bay, Salinas, PR.  In the summer of 2011 I conducted research at Case Western Reserve University

Research Mentor: Dr. Denny S. Fernández del Viso

Angélica M. Beltrán Monserrat

My name is Angélica and I am studying Industrial Chemistry.  I think I would like to continue conducting research in Radiochemistry towards a PhD degree.

Research Mentor:


Robert J. Rabelo Fernández

I am currently enrolled in the General Biology Program and would like continue a PhD in Microbiology and Clinical Parasitology.

Research Mentor: Dr. Lilliam Casillas


Eunice L. Lozada Delgado

I am studying Microbiology and I had the opportunity to visit UMASS, Amherst the fall of 2010 to look for graduate studies opportunities in this field.  I conducted research at Notre Dame in summer 2011.

Research Mentor: Dr. Neftalí Ríos

Tatiana Rodríguez Ruiz

Tatiana is studying biology and she wants to pursue a graduate degree in this discipline.

Research Mentor: Dr. Neftalí Ríos


Meralis Vázquez Arroyo 

I am studying English as a Second Language and I would like to pursue a graduate degree in American Literature.  I also like French.

Research Mentor: Dr. Ramón García Barrios

Kevin M. Alicea Torres

Kevin wants to continue studying towards an MD/PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology or Biochemistry.  I have participated in different conferences such as the Experimental Biology 2011 Symposium and of the Leadership Alliance Summer Program at the University of Chicago.

Research Mentor: Dr. Edwin Traverso

Jesús M. Ayála Figueroa

Jesús is a Microbiology Major and is currently conducting research in Developmental Biology with Dr. Edwin Traverso.  During the summer of 2011, I went to UPenn to do research in my field.

Research Mentor: Dr. Edwin Traverso


Christina De Jesús Villanueva

Christina is a Biology major and she is conducting research in the field.  She wants to become a researcher and to work in a national laboratory.  The summer of 2011 was exciting.  I went to Columbia University as part of a research experience.

Research Mentor: Dr. Neftalí Ríos

Luis A. Lozada Sanabría

My major is Nursing.  I am very interested in research and I plan to apply for a summer internship program at Mayo Clinic in 2011.  I would like to pursue a PhD in the Family Nurse Practitioner discipline and to become a university professor.

Research Mentor: Dr. Carlos Olivo

Rafael Maldonado Hernández

My passion is herpetology.  I am conducting research in two academic areas and I would love to pursue a PhD so I can become an expert in reptiles and amphibians.

Research Mentors: Dr. Neftalí Ríos (Biology) & Dr. Ileana Rodríguez (Chemistry)

  Christian López Díaz

Christian is a Nursing major who wants to pursue a graduate career in oncology or anesthetics nursing.  He conducts research in nursing, physics and sociology.

Research Mentor: Dr. Abraham Ruiz (Physics)

  Reinaldo Franqui Machín

My major is Microbiology.  I will graduate on May 2012 and I plan to study Cell and Molecular Biology.  I went to the University of Illinois at Chicago to conduct research in this field during the summer of 2011.

Research Mentor: Professor Cedar García

  Rey Wilfredo Dieppa Ríos

Rey studies chemistry and likes to conduct research in biochemistry and biophysics.  He also likes interdisciplinary fields of study, such as the chemical anthropology, history of science and philosophy.  Rey was selected for summer research in 2011 at Notre Dame University.

Research Mentor: Dr. Ezio Fasoli

  Verónica Ramírez

My major is chemistry.  I plan to study either in Puerto Rico or in the USA.

Research Mentor: Dr. Fabio Alape


  Leslie Ramos Claudio

My major is English.  I love English Literature and I am conducting research on the inclusion of special education students in the ESL classroom.

Research Mentor: Dr. Myrna Ayala Ayala


Gilbert Encarnación Cortés

My major is Microbiology.  I want to conduct research in biochemistry.

Research Mentor: Dr. Rolando Oyola


  Valerie Ortiz Gómez

I am studying Microbiology.

Research Mentor:


Edgardo López de Jesús

I am interested in the Virology field of study.  I am currently enrolled in the Microbiology program and I will definitely apply for grad school.

Research Mentor: Dr. Edwin Traverso Avilés

Saritza Santos Colón

I am studying Microbiology.

Research Mentor:








The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate  Achievement Program at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao is funded through TRIO Program Grants received from the United States Department of Education totaling $902,248.00.


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