Methods of Theoretical Physics/Applied Mathematics / Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering/Mathematical Techniques for Biology and Medicine -  Part 7


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"...dijo que para terminar el poema le era indispensable la casa,
pues en un ángulo del sótano había un Aleph. Aclaró que un Aleph es uno
de los puntos del espacio que contienen todos los puntos."
El Aleph - Jorge Luis Borges


301.  Linear programming by Monte Carlo method

302.  The Driven Pendulum  

303. Random number generator  

304 . Definite Integrals by Monte Carlo Methods 

305. Minimal STO-2GTO Basis Set  

306. The Mathieu Differential Equation

307. One compartment dilution problem

308. Minimal STO-3GTO Basis Set  

309. Stiff Differential Equation   -a MATLAB code

310.  Diffusion of the delta function     

311.   Stochastic harmonic oscillator   - Part I             

312.  Radiation reaction equation of an oscillator  - Part I

313.  Hydrogenic states under the influence of a large uniformly charged sphere

314.   Rayleigh Ritz method

315.   Rayleigh-Ritz method and the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

316.  Quantum Harmonic Oscillator by Monte Carlo Method  

317.    Stochastic mass in the harmonic oscillator   (under construction)

318. H2 Vibrational Levels With a Lennard -Jones Potential

319.  Gravitomagnetism    

320. Lithium ground state energy  

321. Relativistic Harmonic Oscillator   

322.  One dimensional wave functions in p space  

323. Klein-Gordon equation in p-space- two element basis set -Part 5  

324. The hydrogen molecule ion  

325.   Carbon atom – a density functional calculation  

326. Non-quantum relativistic harmonic oscillator  

327. Numerical integration of the relativistic precession equation of motion

328. A heuristic derivation of the Schwarzschild metric  

329.  The Chandrasekhar mass limit of white dwarf stars

330.  Mass-radius relation for white dwarf stars

331. Spread in time of a Gaussian wave packet   ( analytical)

332.   Spread in time of a Gaussian wave packet - numerical solution 

333. Numerical Test of the Least Action Principle  

334.  Slipping on a sphere with friction

335.  Solutions to Godel's metric  

336.   Euler–Mascheroni constant  

337. Period of a quartic oscillator   

338. Motion with a combined  cubic and sinusoidal force  - Part 1

339.  Calculating the Lyapunov exponent - Part II  

340. Problems In Quantum Mechanics , Goldman and Krivchenkov , prob 7.19   

341. Diatomic molecule classical solution  

342. Projectile on a rotating earth  

343.  Numerical Solution of Euler's Equations of Motion for a Rigid Body 

344.   Schaum's Outline of Finite Element Analysis by George Buchanan , Problem 4.3

345.   Beam with uniform load , Schaum's Finite Element Analysis by George Buchanan , Table 4-1 , example 3  

346. Problems and Solutions in Quantum Chemistry …by C. Johnson and C. Johnson Jr. prob 1.26

347.  Beam with partial load , Schaum's Finite Element Analysis by G. Buchanan, Table 4-1 , example 5.

348.  Fixed - fixed beam with concentrated load  adapted from Schaum's Finite Element Analysis by G. Buchanan , Table 4-1,

        example 2

349.  Beam analysis from Schaum's Finite Element Analysis by G. Buchanan , Table 4-1, example 6  

350. Prime number generator - sieve of Eratosthenes 

351.  Numerical solution of the beam equation  

352.  Pinned-fixed beam with uniform load  

353.  Integral equations -prob 98 chapter 3 from Methods of Applied Mathematics by F. B. Hildebrand



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