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The National Science Foundation had funded the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao to establish a Microbial Observatory (MO) in the Cabo Rojo Salterns in Puerto Rico. The salterns are composed of an estuary surrounded by natural mats that feds a series of artificial salt ponds with seawater.

Main goals

·      understand if the microbial diversity and community structure play a fundamental role in determining the emerging mineralogy of microbial mats

·      determine key metabolic groups that alter the geochemical and physicochemical characteristics of mats sediment, and consequently determine which minerals prevail

·      investigate how salinity changes alter the different microbial mats community and their production of both minerals and unique volatile organic compounds

·      identify the genes and gene products involved in precipitation and dissolution of key minerals·      provide an intensive training for undergraduate students with an interest in the field of Geomicrobiology




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Talks by Dr. Lilliam Casillas-Martínez:


 GEMS (Geomicrobiology, Ecology and Metagenomic Studies) Within Puerto Rico: Past and Future Perspectives

PRSM Annual Meeting - June 16,2011




111th ASM General Meeting 2011 - New Orleans, Louisiana







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