Jorge I. Zayas-Cruz

Catedrático Asociado

UPRH- Química

787- 850- 9387; 787- 850-0000 Ext. 9514

Oficina: 013 - Biblioteca





1987; Ph. D. Analytical Chemistry; The Ohio State University

1980; B. S. Química; Universidad de Puerto Rico – Humacao



Área de Enseñanza

Química 3003; Química 3004; Química 3033; Química 4181;

Tecnología Química: TEQU 1001-1002; TEQU 1003-1004



Temas de investigación

Immobilization of selenium-selective chelating agents on silica gel matrices for the pre-concentration of trace level selenium chemical species from biological samples

- This research is focused on the pre-concentration and subsequent analysis of low level amounts of selenium species extracted from biological systems. Selenium is an essential trace element nutrient and it is necessary for cellular functions. It forms the active center of several proteins and it is found in biological systems as: selenomethionine, selenocysteine, methylselenocysteine and dimethylselenide. Selenium is an antioxidant element with properties similar to those from Vitamin E and C. Its antioxidant activity is the subject of many studies associated to the reduction of cancer incidence.





Proyectos Educativos

“Capacity Building Institute for future Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Talent from Puerto Rico High School Students” – U.S. Department of Education.











1.                                   Professional Development Needs of Puerto Rican High School Science Teachers; University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus; Department of Chemistry; Tremont, Rolando; Zayas-Cruz, Jorge I.; Latin American Federation of Chemical Associations (FLAQ) and 28th Latin American Chemical Congress; July 27-August 1, 2008; San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2.                                   Studies on the atomization mechanism of selenium in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry; Zayas-Cruz, Jorge I.; Ph.D. Thesis – The Ohio State University; 1987; UMI Dissertation Services, 1987; 334 p