Margarita Ortiz-Marciales, Ph. D.



787-850-9469; 787-852-3222; Lab. 787-850-0000 ext. 9182

Oficina: CNO  243





Pot-Doc 1980-81, Organometallic Chemistry, UPR-Río Piedras 

Ph. D. 1979 – Organic Chemistry, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

 M. Sc. 1973 – Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Alabama, Huntsville

BS 1968 – Chemistry, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota




Teaching Courses

Organic Chemistry I II( QUIM 3031, QUIM 3032, QUIM 3033, QUIM 3034)





The main goal of our research is to develop novel asymmetric synthetic methodologies using organic boron compounds as chirality transfer agents, and apply this chemistry for the preparation of important chiral drugs. Our present interest lays in the synthesis of potential drugs that can affect different cholinergic pathways, and that could be valuable for the treatment of neuron-degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson. The PI has been able to establish and develop a competitive biomedical research area, and she has being able to contribute significantly to scientific advancements in Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, as shown by the publication record in which the PI is the corresponding author. Our research group consists of a postdoctoral investigator, a research technician, graduate and undergraduate students and a collaborator, Dr. Carmelo Garcia at our Institution, and by in collaboration with NIH-INBRE Program, Dr. José Lasalde, from Neurobiology Department at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras. Presently, the PI has a well established research laboratory at UPR-Humacao with excellent instrumentation, such as a 400 MHz for multinuclear analysis, a GC/MS, FT-IR with ATR, a modern Polarimeter and HPLC and GC’s with chiral columns.










Figure 1. Novel Spiroaminoborate Esters











Figure 2.  X-Ray Structure of Spiroaminoborate 6




Figure 3. X-Ray Structure of CBS Oxazaborolidine-Borane Complex Dimer












Figure 4. X-Ray Structure of DimethoxyAmino Borate





NIH/NIGMS/SCORE  SO6-GM08216 (P.D. A. E. Alegría); Role: PI ; 4/1/07 - 3/31/11                                                           

New Methodologies for the Synthesis of Biological Active Amino Derivatives         

The major goal of this project is to develop new chemistry using organoborane reagents for the preparation of alcohols and primary amines used as intermediaries or reagents for the synthesis of important biological products.

NIH/INBRE NC P20 RR-016470 (P.D. F. González) Role: PI; 7/1/09 - 6/31/14; $125,000 ańo   

New Methodologies for the Synthesis of Amino Derivatives as Nicotinic Receptor Agonists.           

The main goal of this project is to develop novel organic synthetic methodology for the preparation of potential nicotinic receptor agonist that will be valuable for the treatment of neuron-degenerative diseases, such Alzheimer and Parkinson.











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* Undergraduate students, **Graduate student





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