Before you start:


        Contact your group at least one month before the presentation

        Each person of the group should have copy of all the files containing any information about the project

  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS supplied by the organizers!!!!!
  2. Know the size limits of your poster
  3. Determine the KEY POINT(S) of your work


Preparing your poster:

  1. Your poster should cover the KEY POINTS of your work
  2. It should have examples!!!
  3. Have in mind the audience
  4. Make a sketch of your poster
  5. Use 8 1/2" X 11" sheets of paper
  6. Remember that this is a POSTER presentation not an ORAL presentation
  7. Title letters should be readable from a distance of 10'
  8. The poster should be easy to read
  9. If possible and appropriate use more graphical material than text
  10. Do not use cartoons or other drawings that can give the impression of a non-serious work
  11. Artistry does not substitute for content
  12. Prepare an oral one-minute poster overview and a short presentation for those who will be visiting your poster
  13. Bring extra examples (and a notebook) that might help to clarify concepts
  14. Back up your work and bring a copy on a diskette


Sketching your poster:

  1. Organize in sections:
    1. Title, names, affiliations
    2. Abstract
    3. Background material
    4. Results
    5. Conclusions
    6. Acknowledgements
  1. The text should flow downward in columns
  2. Determine the logical sequence
  3. Use numbers on each sheet so that its easy to follow



  1. Double-space
  2. Use an easy to read font and a large size (For example, the SIMU presentation template)
  3. Do not use too many colors
  4. EDIT!! Remove all non-essential information
  5. Use a minimal amount of text

Other Comments:

  1. Bring preprints and handouts
  2. Set up your poster and practice the presentation a few days before leaving for the conference
  3. Bring materials for setting up your poster: thumbtacks, tape, scissors, etc.
  4. Protect your poster and do not put it in your checked baggage
  5. Label your poster with your name and hotel address
  6. Remember to BRING YOUR POSTER to the conference!!!


At the Conference:

  1. Check the time that you are suppose to set up your poster
  2. Be on time for the poster session
  3. Once the session starts, never leave your poster
  4. Be available for discussion!
  5. Let all the members of the group explain something about the poster


Have an answer for the following questions:

  1. Describe your problem in a few sentences
  2. Was there anything already known about your problem?
  3. What is your contribution to the problem?
  4. What is the importance of your results for the area related to your research?
  5. What mathematical tools and background were needed to solve the problems you worked on?
  6. Is the investigation complete or are there still results which have not been established?
  7. What are the relevant open questions?
  8. Can you suggest an approach to solve them?

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